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Company Profile

We at BIOCARE REMEDIES are evolving into a true life science company aiming at exponential growth

We take pride in providing a broad range of high quality, consistently reliable products that have earned the trust and confidence of leading doctors everywhere. BIOCARE REMEDIES commenced operations in 1984 from humble beginnings and has today developed into _________. With the strength of 150 motivated and well trained professionals, biocare is blazing new trails in the successful marketing of life saving molecules to leading doctors in India. Our flagship brands OTEX, CIFOWIN, GROPHOS, IROMEX-12, SERIDASE have gained wide credibility and acceptance among the medical fraternity and have become brand leaders in their respective segments.

products marketed by us are manufactured under GMP facilities with raw materials obtained from the best sources.

We constantly challenge ourselves to be a step ahead in terms of quality and personalized service.
Company believes in QUALITY PRODUCT, Reasonable price, prompt communication and quick delivery.

Quality control is our AIM. From the selection of raw material to the stage of final packaging stringent quality control at every point is being maintained.
Our vision is constant service of humanity with quality drugs.
Our motto is to serve ailing humanity.
Our mission is to leading Company in our field of activity, Service and excellence through continuous quality measure.

                                                               “A promise of healthy future”


We believe our first responsibility is to the customers who use our products and services. In meeting their needs everything we do must be of high quality. We must constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain reasonable prices. Customer orders must be serviced promptly and accurately. Our suppliers and distributors must have an opportunity to make a fair profit.

We are responsible to our employees, the men and women who work with us throughout the world. Everyone must be considered as an individual. We must respect their dignity and recognize their merit. They must have a sense of security in their jobs. Compensation must be fair and adequate, and working conditions clean, orderly and safe. We must be mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill heir family responsibilities. Employees must fee! free to make suggestions and complaints, There must be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We must provide competent management, and their actions must be just and ethical.

We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work and to the world community as well. We must be good citizens - support good works and charities and bear our fair share of taxes. We must encourage civil improvements and better health and education. We must maintain in good order the property we are privileged to use, protecting the environment and natural resources.

Business Opportunity

Our prime focus is to extend our portfolio by entering new markets around the world and exploring new business opportunities. To comply with the international standards we have continuously upgraded our existing facility and the technology that allow as to compete in the feisty market place. As part of our business expansion process which prompt us to explore new markets around the world and look for agents/distributors/importers with whom we can have long term business relationship and built our presence in their country with mutual beneficial business arrangement. If we share common interest then there is an opportunity waiting for us, only you have to let us know when to start. Also you are free to contact us for any sort of inquiries you may have. We have been involved in pharmaceutical trade since 1984.  The name of  our organisation  is your confidence for quality products, instantaneous packing, expeditious shipping - all at most competitive prices.  Your valued  confidence in us would be  relected     in your feedback and in availing the opportunity you might have been looking for. We are keen to have more and more business contacts. Let us join hands for healthy and prosperous future.


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